[Harp-L] DM-48 midi harmonica

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Thu May 11 06:16:13 EDT 2017

Michael Rubin wrote:
<If you have an Iphone the DM-48 plugs right in ( with a $30 adaptor) and
<uses Garage Band, which is a free ap with around 100 sounds.

If you're going to spend $600 for a MIDI controller, you might as well hook
it up to something that makes sounds a little more interesting than the
ones you find in Garageband.

IK Multimedia and others make for-real synthesizers that run on iOS.  The
prices are scaled down, just like the device.

Computermusic (computermusic.co.uk) also runs a regular columns on synths
and FX for iOS.  One more reason to pick up a copy.  Go to the website; the
odds that your local newsstand carries a specialist publication from the UK
are pretty low.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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