[Harp-L] Harmonicaster update w/ video

Ronnie Schreiber autothreads@xxxxx
Sat May 6 07:33:54 EDT 2017

Fellow harmonica enthusiasts,

My goal is to have the production-ready Harmonicaster finalized in time 
to display it at the summer NAMM show in Nashville in July and then the 
SPAH convention in August. The current iteration is very close, but I 
wanted it to be the best I could make it so it's back to the designer 
for (hopefully) one last round of revisions. The changes are relatively 
minor, moving a few elements just a millimeter or so, but they have a 
significant impact on performance. Much as I'm getting close to crunch 
time, it's important to make the best product possible.

Pickup specifications have been finalized. Prototype pickups will be 
custom wound this upcoming week and I should be able to test them and 
approve them or not in a week or so.

I'll be doing an initial production run of 50  Harmonicasters and 
they'll initially be offered as perks for an IndieGoGo effort. You can't 
go back in time and buy one of the first Telecasters but you can get one 
of the first Harmonicasters.

Prof. John Shirley is planning on giving a seminar at the SPAH get 
together on new Harmonica technologies, including the Harmonicaster. I 
recorded a video of the instrument and sound sound samples for him.  
Please check it out here and let me know what  you think. Understand 
that I'm using pickups that are not yet voiced for a harmonica. The 
production version should have a brighter tone.


Ronnie Schreiber

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