[Harp-L] Seydel Chromatic Springs

Greg Jones greg@xxxxx
Fri May 5 15:52:44 EDT 2017

The subject of Seydel chromatic springs has come up and so I wanted to
clarify some things with regard to this subject.

Seydel chromatics come stock with a light spring that allows the advanced
chromatic player a smooth slide action for fast passages.  The spring works
well for most players and especially those who like a quick slide action.
However, the Seydel chromatic mouthpiece assembly is designed for maximum
airtightness and precise fitting parts and as such, it must be kept clean.

The enemy of a smooth functioning slide is saliva.  Moisture buildup in the
slide assembly ultimately leads to a sticky buildup on the slide and that
causes the slide stick and more significantly puts added stress on the
spring.  Most players do not experience significant problems with the
springs and in general, players who keep the mouthpiece assembly clean and
properly adjusted experience even fewer spring breakage.

Nevertheless Seydel understands that occasionally mechanical parts break
even under the best of conditions.  Seydel has a replacement spring that is
sturdier. However, the trade-off is that the slide mechanism with be harder
to press.

We still feel like the stock spring is a better option - especially for
players who play chromatically, but this is a matter of personal

For tips on keeping your Seydel chromatic slide clean, check out the blog
section of my web site.


Greg Jones
Seydel Technician

Web Site:        1623customharmonicas.com

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