[Harp-L] Got my DM-48!

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Tue May 2 11:51:20 EDT 2017

My DM-48 arrived!   Out of the box it was too sensitive for my playing
style.  I was triggering adjacent notes by accident.  But after tweaking
some of its parameters its playabllity for me has been greatly improved.

This harmonica is truly revolutionary.  I'm particularly enjoying the top
button which can be used for trilling (to any note interval you choose! I'm
finding 1-1/2 step trills to be bluesy and fun).  Or you can set it to
manual bending.

Mouth bending is tricky.  Its controlled by volume, not oral cavity
shaping,  and although its got some adjustable parameters, I'm still having
trouble with finding the right settings for me.  They've made it clear its
never going to bend like a diatonic.   But with some tweaking I think it
may be more bendable than an ordinary chromatic.

I'm finding that my "Blind Owl" style of throat stutter vibrato actually
works quite well on this harp.

And of course the first thing I did was plug in Fourkey "LeGato" tuning.
It can store 8 different tunings in memory.   What fun!

I'm still having a bit of trouble getting it to play with my DAW of choice
(Presonus Studio One 3 in a Windows environment.)   But following the
instructions for setting it up with REASON and Acoustic Electro Waves
wasn't too hard.

If anyone else is using it in a Windows environment on something other than
Reason/Acoustic Electro Waves,  please let me know what your setup is.


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