[Harp-L] New and Improved SUB-30 Harmonica and Components by Blue Moon

Tom Halchak info@xxxxx
Mon May 1 15:03:20 EDT 2017

​​Important Announcement Regarding The Suzuki SUB-30 Ultrabend Harmonica

The SUB-30 is Alive and Well!

The SUB-30 was introduced by Suzuki in 2012 at the SPAH Convention.  That
is also when and where I met Brendan Powder, inventor of the SUB-30.
Within days, Brendan commissioned Blue Moon Harmonicas to manufacture a
custom comb for the SUB-30.  The result of our efforts was the BMH30 Comb
by Brendan Power, which converted the SUB-30 from a recessed comb style
harmonica to a “Tin Sandwich” design with the edges of the reed plates
exposed like a traditional harmonica.  About a year later, Blue Moon
developed the “External Valve Plate” which added 10 extra valves to the

Both the BMH30 Comb and the External Valve Plate significantly improved the
playability of the SUB-30.  Over the past 4+ years, I have built over 100
Custom SUB-30s and that experience has helped me learn the subtleties and
unlock the hidden potential of the SUB-30.  I have also identified some
changes that could be made to the comb and valve plate that would make them
better.  And so, for the past several months, I have been working on
upgrading both components.  I am happy to say that I have finished that
project and am now ready to introduce the New and Improved Custom SUB-30 by
Blue Moon Harmonicas.  The combination of the upgraded components and
meticulous reed work will make the SUB-30 more responsive that ever and
will help make it become what the inventors envisioned it could be.

I won’t bore you with all the details of the changes that were made, but
there is one significant change that must be mentioned.  Within the past 2+
years, Blue Moon has introduced a line of CNC Milled Recessed Combs for
several popular harmonicas that utilize that design – such as the Hohner
Special 20 and Rocket, the Seydel Blues Session, Lee Oskar and the Suzuki
HarpMaster.  Fortunately, all the Suzuki diatonic reed plates have the same
“footprint” meaning that they will all fit into a HarpMaster comb.  And so,
the newly redesigned custom comb for the SUB-30 will be a CNC Milled
Recessed Comb.  This means that rather than use Manji or ProMaster Covers
like we did with the BMH30 Tin Sandwich style comb, the new SUB-30 Comb
will use the stock SUB-30 Covers.

As is my standard practice, the new SUB-30 Combs will be available in a
wide variety of materials and colors, as follows:

Clear Anodized Aluminum
Black Anodized Aluminum

Graphic Blue
Hot Red
Hunter Green
Glacier White

Fancy Acrylic:
Blue Topaz Water
Citrine Water
Margarita Swirl
Orange Tuscan Sun

I now have all the components in stock with which to build Custom SUB-30s –
Reed Plates, Covers, Combs and External Valve Plates.  The Custom SUB-30
Combs and External Valve Plates are available separately or together as a
SUB-30 Customization Kit .

You can find everything on my website here:


If you are into looking at pictures of pretty harmonicas you can visit a
photo album I posted on Photobucket.com.


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