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Hello Michael and all


Pretty good reasons indeed !





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Why not play it on a C harp?

Because this is a top forty song that features harmonica.  

If you do not play it as Petty's band does you will be heralded in harmonica circles. All the harmonica players will think you are a genius.

The rest of the audience will wonder if there is something wrong with you.

But, play it as Petty's band does and the harmonica players will complain that the guy in Petty's band is one step below Bob Dylan and spend a half an hour ragging on Dylan's playing.

The rest of the audience will think you are a hero.


It is your choice.  Be considered a genius by your peers or get to know that cute fan.

Michael Rubin

michaelrubinharmonica.com <http://michaelrubinharmonica.com> 



On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 8:53 AM, <jrumbaug at xxxxx <mailto:jrumbaug at xxxxx> > wrote:

Laurent Vigouroux suggested "play it on a C harp"

though you can get the single notes needed for the song with a C in 4th position, a diatonic harp in 3rd position has the advantage of nice "dirty notes" when playing the signature lick as well as that 4,5,6 draw minor chord.  3rd with a G is my local club's standard go to. BUT, when I am feeling bored, I will take my F harp and play 5th position scales from the bottom to the top of the harp.

Jim Rumbaugh
The Harmonica club of Huntington, WV (HarmoniCollege starts Friday March31) 


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