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I forgot to include the link with the photo.



Al Smith Orchestra Get Up and Go (Aka Soft N' Easy)<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1WgS_7zeQs>
Boogie Blues with Jazzy interlude

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Interestingly enough this tune has been on my mind lately.

I first encountered "Get Up & Go" on a compilation called "Juicy Harmonica"

You can hear the song in it's entirety here:


I recently came across it again on a 3 CD compilation called "Harmonica Blues Giants" and it inspired me to do a little more digging.

It does strike me as a precursor to "Boogie'n With George". George Smith was fan of the Harmonicats the playing on  "Get Up & Go" is similar to things like "Harmonica Boogie" and other tunes of that ilk. I am aware of Al Smith as a harmonica band style chromatic player, so that seemed to be a possibility.

Here is the Falcon 45 from 1957.

<https://www.discogs.com/Al-Smith-One-Two-Cha-Cha-Cha-Get-Up-And-Go/release/9161653>Falcon was apparently a subsidiary of Vee-Jay.
This video features Al Smith's Falcon Records promo photo, so I would say that eliminates Al Smith of Harmonicats/Hot Shots fame.

That led me to this site:
This Al Smith was a bass player best known for his work with Jimmy Reed.
<http://campber.people.clemson.edu/alsmith2.html>Even this site is unsure who the harmonica player is but notes since sax player Lucius Washington also played harmonica he is the most likely candidate.


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al smith, as far as i know, has no relation to george smith.  al smith was
a member of the harmonica rascals, the harmonifiques, the big harp, the
sharp harp, the harmonica hotshots.  there may be more groups, but i don't
know about them.

i doubt al ever even tried to play the kind of lead harp george 'harmonica'
smith played.

hope this helps.


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