[Harp-L] Suzuki Manji--comes in Double Country, darned close to Melody Maker

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Thu Mar 23 22:25:03 EDT 2017

Hello all--

I work for Suzuki as their harmonica repair tech, and have started helping
the warehouse manager with inventory. I noticed that the specialty tuned
Manjis aren't selling as well as I expected. Although I am not in sales, I
want to see these harps make their way into the hands of players--I think
they are great!

One of the tunings is Double Country, which raises not only draw 5 (like
Country tuning) but also draw 9.

That's very close to Melody Maker, so I figured I would retune one of our
demo harps to show folks at the upcoming Spring Harp Festival, held every
year here in San Diego.

I liked the result, so I made a video. Here is the link.


If you buy one of these harps from an authorized dealer, and feel that you
would prefer having blow 3 raised a whole step, it's easy enough to do
yourself. Or you can just give me a call at 800-854-1594, and I can help
you with it. Won't void the warranty . . .

Thanks for your time, and check out the video--comments welcome.

PS Major Cross is the next step in this tuning, it alters 1 and 2 blow and
1 draw--as well as blow 10. But that's a horse of a different color--Double
Country is two of the three notes changed for a Melody Maker!


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