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Thanks, Mick. 

At the end of the article I cited two biographies of Toots, one by Belgian journalist Hilary Marckx, available in English as a PDF, the other  book in French by Marc Danval. 

When I spoke to Toots some years ago about the possibility of a biography he voiced the desire that it should be written by a Belgian who would understand him culturally. 

Yet he was said to be dissatisfied with Danval's work - partly because it focused so much on Belgium to the exclusion of his international activities - and since then I have learned of a third book, which I now have in my possession. It's more a souvenir book, large and lavishly illustrated but with plenty of biographical material. It's largely in English and currently available for around $17 if you look on various websites. It's titled "Toots90," by Rene Steenhorst and Peter De Backer, published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts.

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   Beautiful tribute piece on Toots Thielemans in the new Harmonica

Happenings issue by our own Winslow Yerxa.  Can't wait for the second

part!  Really well-researched.

   It's quite a shame that Toots didn't write an autobiography.  Because

his career encompassed so many decades of history.  Everybody from Dinah

Washington and Charlie Parker to Billy Joel and Quincy Jones.  Imagine the


Mick Zaklan

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