[Harp-L] suspicious links

owner-harp-l@xxxxx owner-harp-l@xxxxx
Mon Mar 20 07:09:18 EDT 2017

Yes, Rick Dempster called it, do not click that link.  We appreciate the
tip off but if you're going to call out a post please do not repost the
actual nefarious link in the call out.  No point in having it occur twice
plus it hurts our reputation score with various internet providers like

Again this was a subscribed address that the link came from.  Nobody has
hacked harp-l but they have hacked 3 of our subscribers now, actually 4
but that last one never saw the light of day.  The current address has
been subscribed since 2006 so nobody is subscribing addresses to post
links to the list.  The accounts are being compromised and used to send
these links.  This kind of thing happens all the time but subscribers
rarely if ever see it because it gets filtered.  We are working on a non
invasive solution at the moment but as always use your judgement, don't
click on any link anywhere on the internet that is suspicious.


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