[Harp-L] Chromatic key choices

Paul D paul.davies@xxxxx
Tue Mar 14 15:54:14 EDT 2017

I'm a fan of 270's in multiple keys for the tone and possible double stops. Ralph Viola The Harmony Wizard from New Jersey, who will be playing SPAH this year uses an entire set of chromatics to work his harmony magic. 

My favorite 270 is a D.  It allows me to playing in the sharp bluegrass and old timely keys and is tuned low like a tenor chrom.  Second in line is an A.  When an A is played in the Eb position it comes out in the key of C with all the possibilities of using the draw notes.

Charles Leighton could not play other keys besides C.  He told me it didn't sound right.

Paul Delay was a fan of 270's always played in third position to match his singing voice.

That's my two cents worth.


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