[Harp-L] hunterharp.com: How "The Lucky One" was recorded

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Wed Mar 8 09:45:17 EST 2017

As the release for my record "The Lucky One" approaches, I'm planning a
series of blog posts that discuss the instruments and FX used for the harp
parts on every tune.  That series is essentially a master class on how to
layer harmonica parts in a rock arrangement.  I'll make specific references
to the Digitech RP500 setups I used to shape the sounds, but the lessons
will be applicable to a wide range of FX devices and manufacturers.

You may ask why I'm giving my secrets away.  First, they're not
secrets--we're talking about knowledge that took me a long time to develop,
but it's nothing that devotion of time and attention can't produce for
someone else. The fact is that I'm approaching the age of 65, I don't
figure to live forever, and I'd rather not have all this knowledge go away
when I do.  I'm not worried about wrecking my career at this point,
either.  So if you want to learn what I know about this stuff, you're

I've started the series with a blog post that describes the overall process
for making this record.  You can find that post here:


Song-by-song posts will follow when the record is released, which will be
soon.  The recording master is done, the artwork is nearly done, and
digital downloads will be available very soon, to be followed by CDs.  Stay

 Regards, Richard Hunter

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