[Harp-L] What first attracted you to harmonica?

Leonardo K. Shikida shikida@xxxxx
Mon Mar 6 07:25:05 EST 2017

I was 14 years old, had chicken pox, so I had high fever for a month. My
friends were all learning to play guitar, I had an old yamaha tremolo at
home (my father plays old japanese navy songs on his tremolo) so I've
decided to try to play it randomly "until I could memorize where the note
was in the instrument". Actually I still don't know where the notes are in
the instrument :-) , but that was my thought at the time. Today I am 41 and
I can catch some songs by ear. 10 years ago I was more involved with the
local harmonica scene in Brazil, so I've made a lot of good friends. At
that time, playing was just an excuse to hang out with some other nice
players, so the social factor was very important for me. It still is, I




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