[Harp-L] What first attracted you to harmonica?

Dennis Michael Montgomery gaulay2@xxxxx
Sun Mar 5 18:37:13 EST 2017

I agree I use to play guitar in the dark.
I think when they say you gotta feel your instrument they're speaking figuratively and literally. 

    On Sunday, March 5, 2017 9:33 AM, Chris Hofstader <cdh at xxxxx> wrote:

 > gl: You can't see what you are doing...

cdh: Not being able to see what one is doing is pretty much bullshit. Could Stevie Wonder see his chromatic? Could Jose Faliciano see his guitar? Can Andre Bocelli see the score to an opera he’s preparing to perform? Could Sonny Terry see Brownie when they were playing together? While it’s a stereotype, it is true that a real lot of blind people can and do play every instrument from harmonica to enormous church organs.

cdh: The only thing I find truly frustrating as a blind person about harp playing (besides the fact that I’m not a very good player) is that some people put up instructional materials on YouTube that display the tab but do not speak it aloud and, using a piece of software called YouDescribe, we’re going to be fixing that problem in the coming year.

cdh: So, no, being able to see the instrument or not is not an indicator of how easy or hard it may be for an individual to play.

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