[Harp-L] Jazz crossover tunes

Steve Hayes bigbandrhythm@xxxxx
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Don't Get Around Much Anymore is playable in 12th position without 
overblows. Start on 6 draw.

Starting on draw 7 In second position you have a 4 consecutive overblows on 
hole 5 in measure seven of the bridge.

It plays great in 2nd position starting on 3 draw with on a Lucky 13, a 
Seydel Pro 12, or any SBS-type harp without overblows.

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Robert Hale wrote:
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>> "Don't Get Around Much Any More."

>Hi Michelle,

>I DO like that one! and have played it at jazz events. You're right, fun

Tom Ball performed a solo harmonica arrangement of this piece a few years
ago at SPAH, and it was delightful--equal parts country blues and swing-era
jazz.  As I recall, Big Walter Horton also recorded a version of this piece
with accompaniment. Either way, it's a can't-miss number for either
diatonic or chromatic harp.

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