[Harp-L] Brendan Power’s Power-Comb

David Naiditch davidnaiditch@xxxxx
Thu Mar 2 16:37:08 EST 2017

Brendan Power’s Power-Comb really helped on a few tunes I recorded on my latest CD, “Bluegrass that Swings.”  Without this comb, I was getting what Brandan identified as the “Helmoltz Resonance Coupling effect,” especially on tunes that use a lot of higher notes.  Didn’t notice any significant difference on tunes that stayed at the lower registers, but it certainly didn’t hurt.  Love how Brendan keeps advancing harmonica technologies in such a creative and intelligent manner.  (I will soon be trying out Brendan’s Power Plugs.)

If you want to hear what tunes I’m referring to, listen to “Twinkle Little Star,” “Shepherd’s Wife Waltz,” and ending of “Flatbush Waltz” at Airplay Direct or SoundCloud (see links below).  (The other tunes on my CD can also be heard in their entirety.)



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