[Harp-L] Irish Music at SPAH

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 We'll miss you Jimmy guess ill have to ride alone from the airport. 

Jerry Deall
SPAH Secretary 

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Thank you, Richard! Richard Sleigh is a monster player no matter what genre he's blowing in! He is a great Celtic harmonicist with a good arsenal of tunes and has all the techniques mastered to play them. Richard can show you all the tongue tricks(rhythmic chording, switching, octaving, etc) to make your harp sound like an accordion!

Sadly, I will not attend SPAH this year. I hate to miss it but I have too much happening this year(mini-tours, workshops, vacations..) and I unfortunately have to leave out some fun events like SPAH. The Filisko Teach-In is always an honor to be part of and I hope to return in 2018. Have fun and pay close attention to Maestro Sleigh!

Jim Conway

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That sounds amazing, Richard!

I look forward to it!

- John

John Shirley, Professor of Music
UMass Lowell

> On Jun 20, 2017, at 11:39 AM, Richard Sleigh <rrsleigh at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'll be teaching Irish music at the Filisko Teach in this year at SPAH in
> Tulsa. I'll be focusing on the diatonic in richter and paddy richter
> tuning. I will be bringing a collection of tunes formatted in Sheet music
> with tab that you can take home with you, and will be basing some of the
> class on Brendan Power's course that includes some great session tunes.
> I have a way of working with the tunes that is a combination of pucker and
> tongue blocking that switches between the two embouchures that I will get
> into in great detail. Plus counting out the various jigs, double and slip
> jigs, reels, polkas, etc.
> James Conway is a hard act to follow but he is also advising me on how to
> approach teaching some of the fine points of the music. We have worked
> together a few times on this topic over the years, and I'm psyched about
> going to SPAH to work with anyone who wants to get into this genre...

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