[Harp-L] Made in China

Steve Baker steve@xxxxx
Mon Jun 19 06:43:18 EDT 2017

The suggestion that Hohner harmonicas are made in China has come up regularly ever since a majority interest in the company was purchased by HS Investment nearly 20 years ago.

The core technology in any harmonica is the reeds and reed plates. All reeds and reed plates for all chromatics, Hohner Marine Band Series, Progressive Series and MS Series diatonics (as well as all covers and combs) are manufactured in Germany and always will be. With some diatonic models, parts of the assembly process take place in China, under (as Aongus Mac Cana has rightly observed in Harp-L) close supervision by highly qualified Hohner staff. Final assembly of all these models takes place in Germany. All chromatics with the exception of the Chrometta Series are entirely manufactured in Germany. The only Hohner harmonicas which are made in China state this fact clearly on the packaging.

Steve Baker

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