[Harp-L] Public apology to Richard Hunter

Michael Rubin michaelrubinharmonica@xxxxx
Sun Jun 18 13:26:22 EDT 2017

Dear Harp-l,
It is me brought to my attention that I have been very insensitive to
Richard Hunter.

Richard received a compliment from Peter Madcat Ruth. Richard thanked him
with a statememt to the effect of " receiving praise from someone you
respect is the greatest compliment to us all."

I was overcome with foot in mouth disease.

I read the words "us all" and thought " us all means Richard is including
me. Is this true for me?  No it is not, because although I love praise from
someone I respect, just the other day I performed for someone with down
syndrome and his enjoyment was a greater compliment to me. "

i must post immediately!

And I posted.

I thought nothing more about it.

Recently someone brought it to my attention that my post could be read as a
belittement to Richard Hunter, implying that he was shallow and did not
understand the true meaning of life like me, the great and powerful Michael
Rubin does.

Until this was brought to my attention, I did not have any awareness of
this interpetation.

Now that I am aware, I am embarrassed and regretful.

Let it be clear:

I think Richard Hunter is a great perspn and I consider him my friend.

I think he is a great harp player and innovator and valuable member of our

I know what he means, it feels great to receive a compliment from someone
you respect.

I hold Peter Madcat Ruth's opinion in high regard.

I am sorry for any pain I have caused Richard.

I am aware that this is not the first time I have had foot in mouth disease
and if anyone has any unresolved issues with me I would appreciate a
private conversation via phone or email to try and resolve it.
Michael Rubin

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