[Harp-L] IOS Synths for the DM-48

Stephen subdomaintain@xxxxx
Mon Jun 12 09:29:18 EDT 2017

Hey guys, 

My DM-48 arrives today.  I'm going to try the soft synth Thor by Propellerhead (maker of Reason).  I took a chance on some sounds I found at Patchmanmusic.com

They program sounds for just about every wind controller module out there, including a few soft synths as well.  

The Thor patch set is 100 patches for $90.

There is also another larger set of patches based on the Korg M1 soft synth ($100).

Both sets have sound demos for every patch so you can check them out. 

I will report back in a day or two!

Grant (chromaddict, dim chord act, etc...)

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> On Jun 10, 2017, at 8:27 PM, Richard Hunter <rhunter377 at xxxxx> wrote:
> For those looking to explore synths for their DM-48s, note that some
> software vendors offer free "player" versions of their synths--these can be
> used to play preconfigured sounds, but generally can't modify a sound and
> save it; so if you want to make custom sounds, or even slightly
> re-configured sounds, for yourself, you're better of with the full
> versions.  That said, you can find out a lot about a synth by using a
> player, like the KV331 Synthmaster player that's one of the 23 in the Music
> Radar list, the full version of which is considered by synth-heads to be a
> pretty awesome instrument.  Any sound made for the full version of the
> synth will work on the player too.
> Regards, Richard Hunter
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