[Harp-L] How I recorded the effected chromatic harps for "Deeper"

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sun Jun 11 19:54:27 EDT 2017

The latest in the series of posts I've put on my website describing the
effects and harps I used to record the songs on my record "The Lucky One"
is a writeup on my approach to arranging and performing the instrumental
love song "Deeper."  All three harp tracks on this song were recorded with
the same Seydel Deluxe Chromatic I used for the harmonica choir on "Vivid,"
but the individual and ensemble sounds are certainly different.

I've used FX on this record to create new sounds for harmonica that allow
the harmonica to play a wide range of new roles in a rock band. It's not
just the individual sounds that are new; it's the ways they're combined to
create entirely new ensemble sounds, both traditional and otherworldly.

You can get the skinny on my approach to "Deeper" here:

And you can find all my posts on the songs I wrote for this record and the
harps I used to orchestrate them here:

It's free. Worth your time too.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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