[Harp-L] DM-48

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Fri Jun 9 23:18:57 EDT 2017

No the DM-48 does not have any kind of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  But you can
plug it into an iPhone and then use the iPhone to use network midi to
stream wirelessly to a Mac Pro notebook.   Theoretically you can even do
this with an Android phone to stream to a Windows or Mac notebook, but I
don't think anyone's actually got this working.   As for Bluetooth,
 theoretically you  might be able to find an Ipad app that will let you
send Bluetooth audio to a Bluetooth speaker,  but Garageband says "I'm
already working hard enough, don't make me stream out Bluetooth too" or an
error message to that effect.

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