[Harp-L] IOS Synths for the DM-48

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Fri Jun 9 14:13:49 EDT 2017

David Fairweather wrote:
<So I read your post about other IOS synths with great interest.   But most
<of the synths listed in your article aren't free.  Before I pay for any of
<them,  I'm wondering if you've actually tried any of them with the DM-48,
<and if so, which do you recommend.  Not all synth voices are optimized for
<wind controllers and polyphony.   If you have any specific recommendations,
<please share.  Thanks.

It's true that most of the synths in that article aren't free.  However,
rest assured that the prices for the paid software are considerably less
than you would generally pay for either a) a hardware synth or b) a VST
(virtual software instrument) plugin running on a full-blown computer.  The
most expensive payware synthesizer on the list of 23 costs $30, and the
least costs about $4 (not counting the freebies). At that rate, you can try
a few, starting with the freebies, until you find something you like.

Note also that kvr-vst.com offers registered users (registration is free)
access to free banks of pre-configured patches donated by a range of
developers.  With a little research, I have no doubt that anyone on this
list could find plenty of usable sounds there.

I don't have specific recommendations for iOs synths, for the reason that
I've never had to use one.  I have plenty of virtual instruments running on
my laptop, which I control with keyboards, and I don't own a DM-48.  I
expect to own a DM-48 before long, and when I do I'll certainly see which
of my synths works well with the device.

In the meantime, I just went to kvr-vst.com and did a search under
"Instruments" using the search terms "wind iOs".  About a dozen software
instruments showed up, one of which, Cakewalk's Z3ta+, is a very modern,
powerful instrument that I use with my keyboards, and which is apparently
responsive in certain configurations to breath controllers as well.  The
iOS version sells for $20 (the VST version that runs on a computer sells
for well over $100).  Please note that I'm not recommending that every (or
any) DM-48 user run out and buy one of these; I'm just pointing out that it
took a trivial amount of time for me to find this resource on kvr-vst.com.

I'm sure we'd all like to go straight to something that's guaranteed to
work immediately--although given the extraordinary range of sounds
available in the world of synthesis, it's pretty hard to predict what
anyone is going to like most--but I suggest that part of the fun for
harmonica players will be the journey.  if you're willing to throw down
hundreds of dollars for a synth controller, you should be willing to invest
a little time in exploration too, especially since time is all you'll need
to invest in many cases.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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