[Harp-L] IOS Synths for the DM-48

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Fri Jun 9 12:37:02 EDT 2017

Richard,  I own a DM-48 but I'm not an Apple/Mac guy.   I mainly use my
DM-48 on a desktop PC with Presonus Studio One 3 or Reason/Electro Harmonic
Voices.    I did dig out an old Ipad 4 just to have a portable solution.
I got an older version of Garageband to run - current versions do not
support the Ipad 4.

One of the first things I tried was streaming the Garageband output to a
Bluetooth external speaker. No go.   Immediately got a message saying that
Garageband was already so processor intensive that Bluetooth was not

Do you own a DM-48?   Have you had any success streaming the Garageband
output through Bluetooth?

So I'm stuck with using the headphone jack to listen.  And I'm not
impressed.  The Garageband synth voices sound pretty cheesy compared to my
Presonus or Reason voices.

So I read your post about other IOS synths with great interest.   But most
of the synths listed in your article aren't free.  Before I pay for any of
them,  I'm wondering if you've actually tried any of them with the DM-48,
and if so, which do you recommend.  Not all synth voices are optimized for
wind controllers and polyphony.   If you have any specific recommendations,
please share.  Thanks.

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