[Harp-L] iOS synths fro DM-48

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Fri Jun 9 10:45:05 EDT 2017

Hi all,

With all the recent discussion about the DM-48, I thought it might be
useful for synth novices to know that there are very capable, inexpensive
or free synthesizers available that will run on iOS devices, specifically
including the iPad and (in one notable case) the iPhone, any and all of
which will offer a DM-48 player significantly more interesting tones than
can be obtained from Garageband.  An iPad or iPhone provide a performance
platform that's more reliable, less fragile, and easier to haul around and
place onstage than a computer, and the sounds on offer in these apps
(including the one for iPhone) are certainly pro-grade in most if not all

Check it out here:

Since both the iPad and iPhone, like the DM-48, communicate wirelessly via
Bluetooth, I presume that the only additional hardware needed to make these
devices viable for recording and performance with a DM-48 is a cable with a
1/8" mono or stereo plug at one end to fit into the device headphone jack.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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