[Harp-L] Stones-you can always get- harmonica??

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You can check out <musicnotes.com>


This site offers legit downloads, not bootlegs. The leadsheet costs $3.25 and full piano arrangement with vocal line is $5.50.

 But even if you can't read music, you can preview several arrangements from leadsheets to uke and piano/guitar/vocal that will allow you to play the tune back in several keys. The playback comes in a dorky organ, but it gives you the melody--which is all you need. Buy the leadsheet download and you can play the entire song.

There are nine different arrangements; some versions have lyrics.

They range from easy piano, guitar tab, uke tab, piano/vocal chords.

If you fool around with the playback button at the top of the page,  you might find one in the key you like.

The advantage of starting with sheet music is you can always make your own harp tab. 

That way you can be SURE you have the right notes.

Hope this helps.

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hey guys

is there a version of this Stones song, you cant always get what you want..
that has a harp solo?? can't seem to find it..

thanks for the help!!


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