[Harp-L] Roy's Bluz and Suzuki Harpmaster in A

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Mon Jun 5 06:23:23 EDT 2017

Many blues songs are played in the key of "E", therefore you play a harmonica in the key of "A". Research "Cross Harp" and "Second Position". 
Good Luck! 
Jeff Brown

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> On Jun 5, 2017, at 4:53 AM, Mustafa Umut Sarac <mustafaumutsarac at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hi there, Roy Buchanan is my favourite musician and I want to play his live
> version of Roys Bluz.
> I never played a harp until today but ordered Suzuki Harpmaster in A
> Diatonic. Because its cheap , youtube videos were awesome and everybody I
> dont know why suggested A key.
> Harp will be here in 2 days and I want to play Roy Buchanan and especially
> Roys Bluz.
> I am total beginner , dont know anything and want to get your opinion. Next
> week I will buy Hohner Puck in C.
> These are my harps and these are my wanna play list.
> Want to get your help.
> Best wishes and nice new week whereever you are.
> I had a telecaster and it was such a crying instrument. Stick to your woman
> and best instrument.
> Umut
> Istanbul

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