[Harp-L] Questions about the Hohner Harmonetta.

Matthew Bullis matthewbullisaz@xxxxx
Sat Jun 3 04:51:40 EDT 2017

Hello from Phoenix. I've apparently gone harmonica crazy this past week 
or so, researching and buying some unique instruments. I found info 
about the Harmonetta, which hasn't been produced for years. I found some 
nice Youtube demos of the sound the instrument produces. Since I'm 
blind, pictures don't do me any good, so could you describe what this 
instrument looks like? Is it the shape of a melodica, or a boxy 
instrument like a concertina? Is it heavy? I found that about ten years 
ago, there were postings in the concertina forum and a few other places 
where some of these came up for sale on EBay, selling and listing 
between $400 and $700. Do they still come up for sale in good and 
playable condition? If you are a Harmonetta player, do you enjoy the 
instrument? Have you made modifications on the reeds to make some things 
better? I heard these weren't easy to repair if they break down. Thoughts?

Thanks for any info.


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