[Harp-L] selling some stuff

Hannes Schneider hannes.schneider.23@xxxxx
Fri Jun 2 05:06:05 EDT 2017

I'm selling 2 Golden Melody custom combs by Andrew Zajac, colour is dark
brown. Including GM cover plates in very good condition. Price is 45 USD
including shipping.

Also selling 2 Seydel Concerto octave harmonicas. Both of them have been
"bluesified" following a suggestion by David Payne on this list a couple of
years ago. Which means that I took off the valves on the top reedplate to
enable bending (even overblows work). Gaps have been carfully adjusted for
uniform response of the top unvalved and bottom valved reed. Both of them
are in very good condition and have been played very little. One is in C
"Richter" tuning, the other one in D retuned to easy 3rd.  Price for one is
45 USD, both for 75 USD including shipping.


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