[Harp-L] Fwd: Comb Debate Confusion

Chris Hofstader cdh@xxxxx
Wed Jul 26 07:56:00 EDT 2017

> sd: The point is that the reflections could cause enough difference in what the player hears to cause him/her to modify their technique in response.
cdh: The one thing I notice most about the Blue Moon harp with brass comb that I have is that I find I play better with it than I do with my others. This could be due to some sort of confirmation bias, “I got this fancy harp, it *must* be better” but I think the comb and other customizations make it easier to pay so I’m more confident when using it. When I’m fishing (one of my favorite Florida activities), I’m sometimes asked by a person new to the sport “which lure or fly is the best for this situation?” My answer is always, “the one in which you’ve the most confidence. With harmonicas, my confidence level is higher with Tom’s instruments than any others and that’s why I’m planning on buying myself five more of them.

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