[Harp-L] Mr Pierce's Reamaide

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Wed Jul 26 05:42:19 EDT 2017

Have just recieved the Reamaide recently mentioned on this forum.It has helped solve the perplexing problem of reaming a steel reed to fit a M1.4 screw without twisting the aforsaid reed.Yes , all you non-believers out there , Mr Pierce has struck again ! (Perhaps the secret is in the Elk river waters)I can only, but highly, recomment it.
On a second note , recent reading has brought to my attention that Mr Richter , of whom the 'RichterSystem' was named did actualy have a first name , it being Anton.So now after 55 years of playing harmonica I am finally on first name terms of the man who has had so much influence on my life.
Thanks for listening Have a nice SPAHMox

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