[Harp-L] ACE Chromatic New wood inserts by Tom Halchak at SPAH

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    Thank you for your insight into this Winslow. Much appreciated! 
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------ Original message------From: Winslow Yerxa via Harp-LDate: Fri, Jul 21, 2017 5:40 PMCc: harp-l harp-l;Subject:Re: [Harp-L] ACE Chromatic New wood inserts by Tom Halchak at SPAHAt the 2016 SPAH convention, I both played and listened to the ACE 48 with both wood and brass inserts.Listening, I could track which was which by sound. The mellower sound was wood, while the brighter sound was brass. This was true even when each was played by a different harmonica player (the demonstrator players were Tom Stryker and Gerhard Mueller).Later, I had the opportunity to play the instrument with both wood and brass inserts. Not only did I hear the difference as a player, the people sitting next to me, Michelle LeFree and David Fairweather, remarked on how strong the differences where when heard close up.I haven’t confirmed this but I believe Hohner will have the ACE 48 available to try out at the SPAH convention. Winslow YerxaProducer, the Harmonica CollectiveAuthor, Harmonica For Dummies, Second Edition: ISBN 978-1-118-88076-0            Harmonica Basics For Dummies, ASIN B005KIYPFS            Blues Harmonica For Dummies, ISBN 978-1-1182-5269-7Resident Expert, bluesharmonica.comInstructor, Jazzschool Community Music SchoolPresident emeritus, SPAH, the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica

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