[Harp-L] Having no luck finding names of SPAH attendees

Joseph Leone 3n037@xxxxx
Fri Jul 21 11:26:49 EDT 2017

Spah used to publish a list of: V.I.P.s. These were all the people who had registered for the festival by the time that the Harmonica Happenings came out.
That issue was called ‘summer’. and usually came out by July. The only way to not be included on the list was to ask. I think this is what Jerl  was referring
to. And I think the reasoning on his part is that a number of members from the various Texas ‘HOOT’ chapters already have rooms booked and are looking
for room mates? 

I believe that the reason this list was dropped was because we went through a period where the H.H. magazine was always running 1 or 2 months behind
and the list just wasn’t meshing with the festival schedule. Making it (theoretically) moot.  :)


> On Jul 20, 2017, at 10:55 PM, Christopher Richards via Harp-L <harp-l at xxxxx> wrote:
> Jerl, are you looking for attendees, or a list of artist who will be  
> performing?  
> For artists, go to www. spah.org and click directly on CONVENTION at page  
> top  -not on the drop down list-  A couple paragraphs down you'll see  some 
> of this year's talent.  More TBA, but notably missing from  the list is this 
> year's host organization... the Rte 66 Harmonica  Club, also the band 
> 'Loving Mary' as the Wed night closing act, the  Michael Rubin Variety Show, and, 
> Ronnie Shellist + Adam Gussow in  the Thursday night show.  Solid and then 
> some all week.
> Jason Ricci will be part of the Lone Wolf team this year in the vendor  
> area, Jimi Lee will be doing his very cool thing, there's a couple new  
> company's in the vendor area along with all the major manufacturers and niche  
> outfits like Lone Wolf and Blows Me Away.  You'll run into Koei  Tanaka, Al & 
> Judy Smith, John Long, Tom Stryker, Deak Harp, Filisko's  team, the Sardo 
> Bros, and youth scholars from FOUR  different continents this year... just to 
> name some of the many  highlights.  Which doesn't even touch on all the 
> seminars with both a  diatonic and chromatic track, great stuff for any musical 
> interest. 
> And, the Tulsa Hyatt is a very nice hotel, lots of space to make music in  
> the public areas.  Looks somewhat ordinary from outside, but really  quite 
> nice once you step through the doors.  No mile long hallways to  traverse.  
> Lots of places to eat and things to do within walking  distance.
> The Tues night Blues Blowoff will be in the hotel ballroom with  beverage 
> service and in-room catering.  Separate ticket from SPAH  registration and 
> open to the public, always a blast!
> Not sure how you'd get a list of general attendees if that's what you were  
> after.  I think privacy concerns might prevent SPAH's membership  director 
> from publishing an open list of those names.
> Just my UNOFFICIAL but inside perspective.  BTW, thanks for all  the great 
> work with HOOT and help with past SPAH conventions.  It's folks  like you 
> who keep it alive! 
> Christopher Richards  
> Staging & Production - SPAH
> In a message dated 7/20/2017 11:50:07 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time,  
> harp-l-request at xxxxx writes:
> Having  no luck finding names of attendees , attending spah in Tulsa. help  
> please...

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