[Harp-L] ACE Chromatic New wood inserts by Tom Halchak at SPAH

Joseph Leone 3n037@xxxxx
Wed Jul 19 20:57:54 EDT 2017

> On Jul 19, 2017, at 6:52 PM, Rick Dempster <rickdempster33 at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hang on....wood inserts...into what sort of comb? Combs are either plastic
> or wood, no? Unless you've gone to the trouble of getting a
> metal comb......aaarrgh! Personally, I'm with Vern, but I get the feeling
> after hearing this discussion drone on for twenty-odd years,
> that it's like atheists and believers arguing. Need I say more?
> RD
> On 20 July 2017 at 01:20, <laurentHarp at xxxxx> wrote:

I think we all know that injection molded plastic and some metal combs have voids in them. And the reason is to keep ALL the walls at the 
same thickness so that (in the case of plastic) the entire comb cools at the same rate to take into consideration that most plastics have a 
shrinkage factor. Usually about 0.8%. Which is actually considerable. 
A metal comb has voids to lighten it. Only reason. Milled Lucite and plexiglass needn’t worry about this. 

I am not going to get into a debate about how a comb sounds to the listener. But I DO think it effects the player. Maybe the density/vibration
or lack thereof. 

Here’s a trick I played. Leaving Schipol airport in Amsterdam, I had crammed as many rhinestones into the cavities of my bronze combed
Hering (wrapped in cheap toilet paper) as it would take. I immediately noticed that the sound was a bit muted from the original. SO, this 
tells me that while comb materials (per se) may not matter, outside events..such as changing the density, filling voids, altering covers does.
The chromo no longer vibrated. BUT it wasn’t a comb issue. I checked through the Netherlands and U.S. without incident. lololol  Jokes on them.

Another outside event. I had a very shrill Hering Charley Musselwhite. I placed 1/16th. inch foam inside the covers. The covers are 1.375” 
wide and I made sure to use only 1” tape. Staying away from the reed tips. It was 2 sided tape. I choked the sticky side with talcum powder
rubbed it in and it cut the shrillness down. Oh, I don’t know, maybe 20%. Now it sounds nice. BUT this wasn’t a comb issue either. 

Don’t know about these inserts. I’m not from Missouri (the show me state), but I would have to hear it to believe it. Sorry, sounds like a gimmick
to me. But, as always, I’m willing to bend if the evidence is there. :)

Everyone stay healthy..stay safe..stay out of trouble

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