[Harp-L] Gapping reeds on the Harmonicaster

Ronnie Schreiber autothreads@xxxxx
Wed Jul 19 15:04:56 EDT 2017


I'm in the process of assembling an initial run of 50 Harmonicasters. I 
brought about a half dozen with me to NAMM in Nashville. Serial Number 
001 is being made in red, white, and blue and it will be auctioned on 
eBay with proceeds going to three music philanthropies: Music Link 
Foundation, Charity Music, and Guitars For Vets. The other 49 will be 
perks for supporters on IndieGoGo, though if someone wants to just go 
through PayPal, I'm open to that.

I'm planning on getting vendor space at SPAH and hope to have some ready 
for direct sale then.

It's not a done deal yet, but a major music store chain (the one that 
isn't $1.5 billion in debt and putting Fender and Gibson out of business 
by making them carry the chain's inventory costs) has expressed serious 
interest in carrying the Harmonicaster. I got an email today from their 
COO and it's going to happen.

Ronnie Schreiber
The Electric Harmonica Co.

On 7/19/2017 8:54 AM, robert mcgraw wrote:
> Ronnie, are they available now? If not, what's the wait time?
> Bob
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>> On Jul 19, 2017, at 8:22 AM, Ronnie Schreiber <autothreads at xxxxx> wrote:
>> The Harmonicaster uses Seydel Session Steel reedplates with our own coverplates. There are no reasons why you shouldn't be able to gap and polish reeds as you would with conventional harmonicas.
>> The Harmonicaster exclusively uses Seydel reeds. Nobody else makes steel reeds that will work with inductive pickups.
>> The Harmonicaster will work with any tube or solid state amp designed to work with guitar pickups. Amplifier is not included.
>> Retail price is $350.00 with a Made In USA case, one key cassette (In A), and a 1/4" adapter for the vintage style mic connector.
>> The Harmonicaster has two pickups, one for each reedplate. They are wound and wired in classic humbucking fashion.
>> Ronnie Schreiber
>> The Electric Harmonica Co.

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