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Tom Stryker tstryker1@xxxxx
Tue Jul 18 23:31:56 EDT 2017

I too own an ACE with both Wood & Brass Elements "plugs."  I am also the one who demonstrated the ACE at SPAH.  IMO, altering the tone means anything you do to change it.  Dampening or accentuating the highs or lows can therefore be called altering the "tone."  

By inserting Wood Elements in the ACE, the tone is altered and the highs are lessened.  On my ACE, I use Brass Elements on the lower octave to brighten it and Wood Elements on the upper octave to lessen the brightness.  Works pretty well. 

The ACE is not a "gimmick" nor should one dismiss buying one.  It has many refined features other than the changeable Elements.  It is a fine professional harmonica that is air tight and plays smoothly while having other advanced features such as adjustable slide tension with no noise.  Is the price too high?  I guess I can't comment because I don't know the engineering or manufacturing costs. 

I still agree with Vern that the block materials do not affect the basis sound quality of  a harmonica, but I do know that the highs and lows can be equalized making the sound more pleasant or accentuated.   Hohner has accomplished this in the ACE by using their Elements, either Wood or Brass.

The Wood Elements are in stock at KHS/Hohner.  This was verified today.  For those who don't know, the ACE comes with Brass Elements.

I will have an ACE with me at SPAH if anyone wants to check it out.


 "The notion that plugs of various materials inserted into the comb of a harmonica can affect the tone is laughable.
> Making the claim is false advertising.
> Charging an outrageous price for this gimmick is customer abuse.
> Save yourself time and money by dismissing the ACE from serious consideration.
> I have written a 7-page essay on ?THE CASE AGAINST THE MATERIALS EFFECT?
> I have submitted it for publication in Harmonica Happenings but it has not yet been accepted or rejected.
> If you wish to read it, I?ll email a copy to you.
> As you can see, I have mixed feelings on the subject.  ;o)
> Vern"

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