[Harp-L] Harmonicaster site now legible

Ronnie Schreiber autothreads@xxxxx
Mon Jul 17 04:11:26 EDT 2017

I got rid of the background image and that made things much easier to read.

> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Harmonicaster Demo Video with Carl Caballero
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> It has probably been suggested, that small black text is hard to read
> scrolling over fixed contrasting backgrounds. I could only read it by
> CONTROL+A to highlight all.
> >From the description, reeds are magnetically amplified? What would be the
> advantage of this method?

It has a very cool native electric tone, it's compatible with any pedal 
or effects device that will work with a guitar or bass, it can play as 
loud as your amp will go and it won't feedback unless you want it to.

> Robert Hale
> Serious Honkage in Arizona
> youtube.com/DUKEofWAIL
> DUKEofWAIL.com

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