[Harp-L] Gemoro jewelry cleaners for harmonicas.

Matthew Bullis matthewbullisaz@xxxxx
Sat Jul 15 21:55:27 EDT 2017

Hello, I understand that some harp players use these Gemoro Sparkle Spa units to clean their instruments. I found the info from Rockin Ron's site, but he says he's not as familiar, so I figured I'd ask on the list. It's not recommended for instruments with wood combs or with wind savers. I mainly have Lee Oskar 1910 harps, and a few Seydel Octave Concertos. I don't see how big the basket is in the descriptions of the cleaners, but apparently it's big enough for a couple of harps. Have you found these systems worth it, or can I just run these harps under water and let them dry out? Another concern with a machine like this is because I'm blind. Are the controls easy to use, as far as when I turn it on I can press a button a certain number of times to select the time cycle? Can someone explain the workings of the system? Do the contents sit in water in the basket, or does a pump in the tank dispense the water while the cycle is running? Do the harps need to be taken apart because of the screws, or will they be alright if they're dried quickly? What is the difference between the two Gemoro models that I've found? One has a larger tank and maybe more features?
Opinions? Thanks.

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