[Harp-L] International Blues Blowoff Update -SPAH Blowoff- (The Iceman)

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Fri Jul 14 16:16:27 EDT 2017

All details about the IBB including the lineup are here -   
Ticketing is here -  harmonicaplanet.com/ibb-tickets
The International Blues Blowoff is a show, about 5 1/5 hours long, it is  
not an open jam session.  Amps, guitars etc will not be allowed  through the 
door.  Harp cases for those with a reasonable expectation of  being called 
to the stage during one of the showcase segments are ok.
Half the VIP seats have already been sold, buy soon if you want  them. 
Christopher Richards
Producer - International Blues Blowoff

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who is  on the bill? Is it a show, or a  jam?

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