[Harp-L] Harmonicaster Demo Video with Carl Caballero

Ronnie Schreiber autothreads@xxxxx
Tue Jul 11 20:20:09 EDT 2017


Carl Caballero, who fronts the Detroit area band, the Boa Constrictors, 
has been very gracious with his time, his talent, and his ears as I've 
developed the Harmonicaster. Now that the first practical electric 
harmonica is in production (it will be available soon to folks who want 
to support the project at IndieGogo), I asked Carl to put on a short 
demonstration of just a little bit of what the Harmonicaster is capable. 
I believe he was playing through a Fender Princeton, first on the clean 
channel and then with overdrive. One of the advantages of the 
Harmonicaster is that it is compatible with any kind of effects device, 
amp modeler, or pedal that will work with an electric guitar or bass.

In a few hours I'm leaving for the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, where 
Stephen Hanner, a Seydel endorsee, is going to be demonstrating the 
Harmonicaster and I hope to post some video of his playing when I get 
back. If you're at the NAMM show, please stop by booth #130, say hi, and 
ask for a demonstration.

In the meantime, though it's still under construction, you can keep 
track of the Harmonicaster project at harmonicaster.com.

Ronnie Schreiber
The Electric Harmonica Co.

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