[Harp-L] Harrison Harmonica with set of reeds + other harps looking for a new home

Richard Sleigh rrsleigh@xxxxx
Wed Jul 5 23:41:54 EDT 2017

I have a Key of C Harrison Harmonica that I would like to move along to
someone who wants to play it. So I have included two complete sets of
repair reeds and brought the price down to the point where you could use it
and not get all weird about it being a collector harp (even though it still
is)  plus some other Harrison oddities and swag.  In my first post about
this harp I somehow sent you to a twilight zone page that was in the
alternative universe of the admin part of the website...

Here is a link that will actually get you to the right place -


If you look at the rest of the store there are also a couple Suzuki Harps -
same basic idea - great playing harps decent price, plus all my tools &
other goods & services.

I'm just cutting down my own set of harps to be as consistent as
possible... getting lean and mean for the next round of adventures...

Richard Sleigh
rrsleigh at xxxxx

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