[Harp-L] Electro Harmonix, poor warrantee service

Robert Hale robert@xxxxx
Mon Jul 3 17:22:40 EDT 2017

I love my Mel9 Melotron simulator for harp, especially the string sections.
When it began to drop out intermittently, I returned it under warantee for

   1. retailer says send to Electro Harmonix
   2. EH says send to the builder: New Sensor
   3. New Sensor is hard to work with. Frequently sent to messaging.
   Manager on vacation.
   4. Website offers CONTACT US page but it will not complete, and SEND.
   5. Comments about that failure were ignored except that I could post to
   the EH Forum.
   6. My shipper confirmed arrival of returned unit, but New Sensor never
   7. New Sensor never communicated about outcome of service, or to alert
   me that it was en-route back to me.

​I have the unit back now. Shipped with new replacement power supply.​

Final insult was that I am in Arizona talking to Long Island, NY. When I
asked for a repeat of what was spoken in fast, clipped NY style, they made
no effort to slow down or articulate. Even told me that I speak very
slowly. (Waaa) Appropriate customer service would be to adjust to the
caller's needs, graciously. Not in New York, though.

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

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