[Harp-L] MIDI will Restore the Status of the Slide Chromatic

Vern jevern@xxxxx
Tue Jan 31 22:15:21 EST 2017

> On Jan 31, 2017, at 3:49 PM, bren at xxxxx wrote:
> Vern Smith asks:
>> IF you are playing just one MIDI-controlled instrument, why bother with a DM48? Use a keyboard which is vastly superior musically and probably costs much less.
> Personally I would choose the DM48 or similar MIDI harmonica, for several reasons:
> …….. While Vern's points about the superiority of the keyboard as a MIDI instrument may be logically true, feelings matter………..

I remain content to be "logically true" and freely admit that there is no accounting for taste.


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