[Harp-L] MIDI will Restore the Status of the Slide Chromatic

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Tue Jan 31 15:16:10 EST 2017

Michael Rubin wrote:
I don't think the bass harp will go away to midi.  The tones you showed in
the video do not compare.  Perhaps there are better midi bass tones out

I have found--and previously documented in clips that I published to
Harp-L--that a decent pitch shifter (such as the one in the Digitech RPs
and other multiFX) set to drop the pitch by two octaves, with the effect
set to 100% wet (i.e. no original tone, only shifted tone in the signal),
produces a very convincing bass harmonica sound.  That's a cheap and easy
solution for harp players who want to add bass harp tones to their trick

"Better" MIDI bass tones is a different issue, and I do mean different.
The range of bass tones that are available with modern synthesizers is
incredible, as 15 minutes spent listening to any EDM radio channel will
demonstrate.  But those aren't bass HARMONICA tones.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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