[Harp-L] Drinks and playing harmonica

Dane Paul monsterharp@xxxxx
Sun Jan 29 11:51:31 EST 2017

I agree with all those rules pretty much the only thing I can add is Car portable toothbrush never play after eating or harp cheese will abound. 

Dane Paul

> On Jan 22, 2017, at 21:37, harpoon at xxxxx wrote:
> I perfer a short cigar between sets ...
>> On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 4:25 PM, Wilbur Euler wrote:
>> Good common sense.
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>>> On Jan 22, 2017, at 10:57 AM, David Brown <nonidesign at xxxxx> wrote:
>>> I'm 54 and have been playing since I was 16. Countless gigs.
>>> Here's a ten dollar answer for a one dollar question:
>>> My own rules:
>>> 1. I eat at least 2 hours before the gig. I don't like that heavy gut feel
>>> during a set.
>>> 2.PLAIN BOTTLED WATER AT ROOM TEMPERATURE (better for the vocal chords) in
>>> a plastic bottle (doesn't break when knocked over).
>>> I drink nothing carbonated as it may make me burp while playing.
>>> 3. NO SALT Dries out my mouth.  Also, salt, in general, makes my tongue
>>> feel, for lack of a better way to describe it, "thick".
>>> 4. NO SUGAR.Its probably just my imagination but I think the sugar in
>>> typical soft drinks like Pepsi, etc. transfers to the reeds and
>>> occasionally makes them stick.Is it carried in my breath? I don't know. I
>>> don't have a lot of saliva in my mouth when I'm playing.
>>> 5. SPILLS Keep the water away from the harps. Some idiot (probably me)
>>> bumps into the drink and guess where it spills ;-).
>>> 6. SCATTER Keep the harps away from the other band instruments and players
>>> or the harps will, invariably,  get knocked all over the place. Whether its
>>> my amp or some other player's on stage, I never put my harps on an amp or
>>> speaker cab.
>>> Other rules (while I'm on a roll....):
>>> 7, DRUNK DRIVING  I drink two of anything I want when I walk into the door
>>> and chase them with plain bottled water at room temperature so that the
>>> sugar or salt in the drinks don't get breathed into the harp (See Rule 1).
>>> After the gig I can then drive home without worrying about a drunk driving
>>> issue with the cops. If I want to drink more than I ought to, I arrange(
>>> before hand) to have someone else (who isn't over the limit) drive me home.
>>> 8, TROUBLE It doesn't happen much anymore, but in my earlier days I played
>>> in some very rough places... so.....I didn't drink to excess. I didn't want
>>> to get into shit I couldn't see coming coming.
>>> 9. WOMEN (See Rule 72).
>>> Yes, I know, all this is obvious, common sense butI have to learn things
>>> the hard way.
>>> On Sat, Jan 21, 2017 at 4:54 PM, ian osborn <davidianosborn at xxxxx>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Quick poll question for everyone..
>>>> When out jamming or gigging and having a drink and then playing the harp,
>>>> what do people feel?? In the sense of getting gunk and stuff into the reeds
>>>> etc..
>>>> A. Don't worry, just clean your harp later??
>>>> B. Whatever you drink, make sure to have a glass of water nearby to for
>>>> when you play to rinse out your mouth a bit
>>>> C. I find drinking (fill in the blank) never seems to affect my
>>>> harmonicas...
>>>> Thoughts???
>>>> Ian

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