[Harp-L] Hohner Echo tremolo harps

George Miklas harmonicat@xxxxx
Tue Jan 24 12:37:50 EST 2017

Do not submerse wood comb Hohner Echo tremolo harps.   I have about a dozen
customers who send these to me for cleaning.  This is my process...

   - completely disassemble the harmonica,
   - ultrasonic clean the reed plates
   - scrape/brush to remove dry saliva and food chunks from the inside of
   the comb
   - sanitize the comb with UV light
   - buff/polish the cover plates
   - test all reeds for buzzes and cracks
   - retune/replace reeds as necessary
   - reassemble reed plates
   - check tremolo tuning, adjusting as necessary
   - reassemble cover plates
   - on double sided harps and single harps where the covers wrap over the
   end and nailed, I replace the cover plate nails with wood screws.

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On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 12:27 PM, <coolblues64 at xxxxx> wrote:

> Any tips on cleaning Hohner Echo tremolos?  My cousin has been playing
> Celtic music on a couple of these and he has got a few reeds that are
> sticking.  I suspect they just need de-gunged but I’m wary about putting
> those combs near water!  Any advice welcome.  B
> at from Mail for Windows 10

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