[Harp-L] Lee Oskar [replacement] reedplates [Recommended Suppliers]

Robert Coble robertpcoble@xxxxx
Mon Jan 16 21:08:42 EST 2017

My "go to" supplier for harmonicas and parts is Rockin' Ron's Music:  http://rockinronsmusicsd.com/lee-oskar-reed-plates.html

Ron has always been very responsive to orders, often shipping within less than 1 hour of the order placement (if he has the order in stock). He also is very sensitive to insuring that the customer gets what he wanted, not necessarily what they ordered. I once failed to specify SPIRAL on my order. I got stock MAJOR reedplates. When I called Ron, he offered to take them back, replace them with SPIRAL, and pay for the shipping charges back to him. I respectfully declined his offer, and paid for the shipment myself, because the error was mine, not his.

You might get a slightly lower price somewhere else (but the shipping charge might make a difference), but you will not get better or faster service from any other reputable vendor.

Crazy Bob

Lee Oskar Reed Plates - RockinRonsMusic<http://rockinronsmusicsd.com/lee-oskar-reed-plates.html>
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