[Harp-L] astatic MC-151 element

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Aren't telephone mics low impedance?

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> Robert:   1.   You need to disconnect the element (take off the wires.... take them OFF) from anything else.   Run a continuity test on the 2 terminals.   If there's continuity, the element is probably good.   2.   You can replace the element with any other element that you like, assuming that it fits into the space.   If it's smaller merely pad (space) around it with foam rubber and secure it into place.  An old Shure mic should work great!!!   You can also try an old telephone handset mic (from one of those old rotary phones).   Perhaps I'm the only one old enough to remember that LOL.   They (whoever they are) say that gives a really raunchy, bluesy, gutsy, sound.   I've not tried it, but should be fine.   You can usually get an old phone in a flea market for about $1.00 or less.  3.   Sure, it's worth the bother, 'cause now you'll have a great sounding mic, in a great body, and you can sand down the shell (bring it to an Automotive Body shop.... ask him to paint it... maybe if you play him a tune he'll do it for nothing).   You can then paint some neat design (like flames or skulls) and really customize the shell outside.   I ride a large Harley, so that matches my décor.  Enjoy!!!  Leonard
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> I played my Blues Blaster microphone for several years, loved it, and
> haven't played it for several years now.
> Out of the drawer today it's dead. Checked the wiring and the cable
> throughout. Isolated the pot. Nothing.
>   1. How do you test a crystal element?
>   2. where can I buy a replacement?
>   3. is it worth the bother?
> Your observations are welcome.
> Robert Hale
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