[Harp-L] New in town

Eric Nielsen ericbarnak@xxxxx
Sun Jan 8 10:08:56 EST 2017

Michelle is right on. Not only will you meet new people at open mics/jams,
but they get to meet you. Some of my best musician friends were once
complete newcomers at open mics I frequented.

I've had some luck with craigslist, too. Met local musicians online, and
some steered me to local music events like open mics and song circles. Once
you make a few connections, your local circle of contacts and musical
events will grow.


On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 6:11 PM, Michelle LeFree <
mlefree at xxxxx> wrote:

> Robert Hale asked:
> How does an experienced player get connected in a new town?
>> With that list I could enact the same moves to get me working here at
>> home.
>> Who can pitch in on this??
> As many Open Mic's and Jams as you can hit. You'll soon start seeing
> familiar faces pop up. When you determine you are musically compatible,
> introduce yourself.
> This can work even if you're in a new town a short while.
> Michelle

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