[Harp-L] Curious about how the group feel about buying used harps and cleanliness

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Tue Jan 3 17:29:19 EST 2017

I have seen harmonicas listed on E-Bay that claim they have been sterilized. I asked one seller about this and his response was as follows.

"The harmonica is spray-saturated (outside and inside) with 91% isopropyl alcohol.
This is an effective dis-infective and by its chemical properties then totally evaporates.
It must be 91%, anything lower does not dry as well.
The harmonica is then thoroughly rinsed in clear running water and allowed to then fully air dry.
I do my personal harmonicas this way as well. I was taught this method by an instrument builder."

I have also seen listings for Marine band harps that are nailed together and the seller states that it sounds great. Personally I would never put a harp to my mouth that came in an open package without cleaning it thoroughly. By that I mean taking it apart and scrubbing it and putting it in my ultrasonic for 15 minutes or so. I take this even further with valved harps simply because of the impossibility of cleaning under the valves. How do you folks feel about this? I am not a germophobe but it just makes sense to me to be very conscientious about drawing air into my lungs through a used harmonica.
Dee Makowski
Dee's Finley Tuned Instruments LLC

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